Welcome to the website of Stratego Ukraine. This site is for everyone who is interested in Stratego, and especially the tournaments held in Ukraine. 4 years ago, one Dutchman left for Ukraine, bringing there his hobby: the game of Stratego. What started with a few players in a park in Kiev, was soon spread to Odessa. The number of players, and the professionality kept increasing. For several years a group of enthousiastic Dutch have enjoyed the journey to Ukraine. They met more and more skillfull resistance. When in 2002 contacts were made with a mindsportsclub in Rovno a large step was made into making the game of Stratego more and more popular in Ukraine. They brought a lot of enthousiasm and experience in boardgame tournaments, and a lot of mindsport-interested people. In the past 6 months, Ukraine has proved to be competitive with the most active Stratego nations in number players and tournaments held. Also many Ukrainian players made their way to the top of the International Ranking List. With a 12th place for former Ukrainian Champion Vladimir Demyanovich, and a total of 5 players in the top 32, the Ukrainian players have gained a prominent place in the Stratego world. This is confirmed by the total number of ukrainian players in the ranking list. Already they have the 3rd place, behind the Netherlands and Germany, and the difference with Germany is getting smaller quickly. Recent tournaments will prove in what level they can compete in their skill, as among a group of Dutch, current World Champion Erik van den Berg is battling in Ukraine. The first results are shocking. These facts give enough reason to provide the western Stratego world with more information about this upcoming nation in the east. To make this site accessible for as many people as possible, I have chosen to write it in English (besides, my Russian is not that good :-)). I hope it will be a satisfying source of information for everyone who wants to know a bit more about Ukraine. On this site, next to some general information about the country, and the history of Stratego here, you can find results of many tournaments held in Ukraine, of course all results of the international tournaments from the start they were held, and also some results of tournaments between themselves, and the national championships. Apart from that you will find a ukrainian ranking, extracted from the international ISF ranking list by Hermann Kleier, and detailed information on the 3 clubs that now exist in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa and Rovno (Rivne). This should provide you with some more information about all those unknown names that appeared in the rankinglist. I welcome any ideas, suggestions or impressions you had after reading this site.

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